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Locals win Bodybuilding and Figure Competition

Three locals from Iron Body Fitness of Swainsboro attended and took home top place finishes. Competing in the figure division was Allayna Farrow of Midville. She was awarded first place in the Figure Short Division beating out several veteran competitors. She is married to Wade Farrow of Midville and they have one daughter, Sophie. Nick Perkins of Swainsboro competed in the Mens Open Heavyweight division and took the first place award. He is married to Ashley Perkins and they have two daughters, Sarah Jo and Maddie. <br>Source:

Bodybuilding Forum Freaks The Heck Out Over Random Dude's Love Life

By Tracy Miller / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 10:55 AM Comment Mike Huard (l.) and Felton Campbel, both in their 60s, show off their muscles at the Oregon Ironman bodybuilding competition. These are two grandpas you don't want to mess with. Felton Campbell, 61, and Mike Huard, 62, wowed crowds at the Oregon Ironman bodybuilding competition Saturday, showing off their toned physiques against men half their age. Campbell, 61, didn't start bodybuilding until his 50s. The two friends, both grandfathers, were max workouts.pdf the oldest of nearly 250 competitors at the event, and agreed age is no roadblock to getting in shape. Campbell, a personal trainer, started bodybuilding in his 50s. <br>Source:

Bodybuilding grandpas prove you’re never too old to show off your muscles

Consequently, the website completed a full overview about the effectiveness of this course. A full overview of Bodybuilding Revealed System on the site indicates that this course takes people step-by-step through the process of learning how to increase muscle mass fast after a workout. When ordering this course, people will get a direct access to the Bodybuilding Revealed Inner Circle membership site where they can share their experience and knowledge with other members, and get advice from a team of professional advisors. In addition, in this course, people will find out workout programs, pre made diet plans, wall charts, measurement charts, and more than 200 muscle building and fat loss recipes. Furthermore, people also can download a series of videos on everything from exercise performance to supplement advice. <br>Source:

Bodybuilding icon Joe Weider dies in Los Angeles at 93

"Joe Weider was a titan in the fitness industry and one of the kindest men I have ever met," Schwarzenegger said in a statement posted on his official website. "He leaves behind a fantastic legacy of a fitter world," the film star and former governor of California said. "Very few people can claim to have influenced as many lives as Joe did through his magazines, his supplements, his training equipment and his big-hearted personality." Born in a tough neighborhood of Montreal in 1920, Weider began lifting weights as a teenager to stand up to bullies and older boys before competing in his first bodybuilding contest at the age of 17, according to a biography provided by Parker. He started his first magazine, Your Physique, in the early 1940s and with his younger brother Ben rented Montreal's Monument National Theater to host the first Mr Canada contest during that same decade. The two brothers also founded the International Federation of Bodybuilders and in 1965 Weider created the Mr Olympia competition, the sport's premiere bodybuilding contest. Weider met Schwarzenegger at a bodybuilding contest in Europe and convinced him to move from his native Austria to the United States to seek wider recognition. "He saw a lot in Arnold," Parker said. <br>Source:

Female muscle: Figure competition - an alternative to bodybuilding?

Nominations are based on sales among the 9,900+ products carried by the site. In the past four years, MusclePharm has won 14 Awards, including 2012 Brand of the Year. "It's an honor to have MusclePharm products and the brand recognized again this year by," said Brad Pyatt, founder and CEO, MusclePharm. "As athletes, scientists and fitness enthusiasts, we're committed to delivering the best products to consumers and proud to receive this seal of approval from our customers and fans." "Being nominated for a Supplement Award is quite an accomplishment," explains CEO, Ryan DeLuca. "Nominees are the most popular brands and products on our site and the public chooses the final winners. <br>Source:

MusclePharm Scores 17 Supplement Awards Nominations

You simply must become comfortable with who you are and accept yourself, especially if you are a bodybuilder. The third fear, muscle and fat, two totally different creations which simply cannot convert into the other. This is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the workings of the body. Many women will say that they do not like the look of female bodybuilders, although, they may appreciate the fact that the bodybuilders are in great shape. Sadly, for female bodybuilding , it appears that it is slowly being phased out due a lack of support in this area of the sport, as compared to other areas. However, there are areas in the competition circuit that a fit female is more accepted than in the bodybuilding circuit, and it is known as "Figure". <br>Source:

Will Brink's 'Bodybuilding Revealed System' Offers Tips on Growing Muscle Mass

To be clear: I think that's all hogwash; I'm just repeating what some people believe when it comes to love. It's relevant when looking at this bodybuilding forum that cannot fathom how it's possible for a guy to have the sort of love life that his Facebook page suggests he has. Most of these judgements are based completely on the way the guy looks versus how attractive the girls he is involved with are, running with the assumption that a guy that looks this nerdy should never be able to get a girl. Here's the first and second post (both by the same person, OptimusPrim3 ) in the thread titled "MISC I am baffled, wot is this"and to be clear, these are quoting Facebook posts the guy has made public: There I was just minding my business looking at babes on FB that I have mutual friends with and this pic comes up S <br>Source:

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Watermelon Juice Can Relieve Muscle Soreness Caused by Intense W

Brooklyns captain is doing his best to lead in the summer, as well. Williams organized players-only workouts this week in California, with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in attendance. Williams told the Daily News that 10 of Brooklyn's 15 players will participate in the workouts that started Sunday and run until Friday. RELATED: ISOLA: BEST IN NY? THERE'S NO TROPHY FOR THAT The entire starting lineup, including Brook Lopez, is expected in California. Lopez only recently shed his walking boot after offseason surgery to replace a screw in his right foot. <br>Source:

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce attend Deron Williams’ players-only workouts in California

Later on, the researchers evaluated how much muscle soreness each of them was experiencing. It was discovered that the people belonging to the first two groups all felt less discomfort than the volunteers who had consumed the control drink. The watermelon juice enriched with L-citrulline reportedly proved more effective read more than the natural one in terms of relieving muscle soreness. However, the volunteers' bodies responded better to the natural juice, meaning that they processed it significantly easier. <br>Source:

Julianne Hough: Multiple Body Sculpting Workouts with Lunch!

In history, we would throw rocks as far as possible or hold a big stick and try to hit another guy off of a horse. Now it's glow-stick Zumba on surfboards with dogs. OK, not quite -- but we do continue to find new, fun, creative ways to move our bodies. At the IDEA World Fitness Convention this past weekend, we saw and tried the most inventive, coolest workouts around. <br>Source:

Nets holding workouts in LA

Most Nets are in Los Angeles this week for player-organized workouts, a source confirmed to ESPNNewYork's Mike Mazzeo. Williams told the New York Daily News that the only players not attending workouts are Andray Blatche , Reggie Evans , Mirza Teletovic , Tornike Shengelia and Andrei Kirilenko . It's fairly common for NBA teams to organize players-only workouts before training camp. Both the Knicks and Nets did so last season. Word leaked about the workouts on Saturday when rookie Mason Plumlee tweeted on Saturday night that he was in Los Angeles getting ready. SNY's Josh Newman first reported details about the workouts. <br>Source:

Julianne Hough checks messages on her phone after grabbing lunch on Melrose on Friday (August 16) in Los Angeles. Earlier in the day, the 25-year-old actress showed off her fit figure in an all black ensemble while heading to a dance studio. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Julianne Hough On the same day, Julianne chatted on the phone while exiting a local gym. The day before, Julianne stayed hydrated with a big bottle of water after a gym workout in West Hollywood. Earlier in the week, Julianne was all dressed up in orange while attending the 2013 InStyle Summer Soiree. <br>Source:

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Bodybuilding: Using music to power your workouts

Cahill has repeatedly declined interview requests. His company, Driven Sports, has posted a statement on its website saying it is "disappointed" in USA TODAY's reporting and that Craze is a safe and legal supplement. Supplement shell game: A USA TODAY investigation of the people behind risky pills. (Photo: Janet Loehrke, USA TODAY) suspended sales of Craze on July 25 and last week Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., repeatedly cited USA TODAY's investigation in announcing his reintroduction of a bill to strengthen oversight of supplements, including requiring products be registered with the U.S. <br>Source:

We are honored to be chosen as one of two retailers selected to carry this high-end, exclusive brand, stated Ryan DeLuca, founder and CEO of IMAGE Sports provides elite products for everyone, no matter their fitness goals. Partnering with has given us the opportunity to market IMAGE Sports, a highly specialized and performance based Sports Nutrition line, in a completely new channel that it has never been exposed to before, said James Grage, Vice President of BPI Sports. The growth of this line, in such a short time, has been amazing to say the least. The fact that we are now partnered with the largest online bodybuilding and supplement retailer in the world gives us endless marketing and sales opportunities both domestically and throughout the world. carries the full line of IMAGE Sports including: 4D PUMP Pre-Workout Muscle Formula, Pure-X7 Concentrated Thermogenic, VEIN Muscle Fullness Response, ALARM ULTRA Pre-Training Formula, and MP3 Protein Thermogenic. This full line covers all the major sports nutrition categories. For more information on IMAGE Sports, please visit the product page at About Based in Meridian, Idaho, is the worlds largest online sports nutrition store. <br>Source:

This should be done throughout the course of 10 weeks. The workouts: Day 1 Concentrate on strengthening the legs on the first day as a strong building requires a good foundation. The ideal leg exercises are squats with weights, good mornings, plunges, leg press for both the upper and lower thigh muscles and barbell step-ups. Skipping too will help. Day 2 Allow the legs to get relieved and shift focus on chest and lats. <br>Source: and Image Sports Partner for the Largest Online Launch

Also, it is a good idea to have different types of rhythms and styles of music, some fast, loud and hardcore and some a little more subdued. Just changing styles in one workout session can also work toward resting and getting ready for your next set. However, you wouldn't want to listen to a sad ballad while in the middle of training, since it could lower your mood which does not make for a great workout. Brunel Universitys School of Sports and Education has revealed: According to Dr Costas Karageorghiss latest research, carefully selected music can significantly increase a persons physical endurance and make the experience of cardiovascular exercise far more positive. Your own music, i.e. headset, I-pod, or phone, often takes on the role of "training partner". <br>Source: Debuts Cellucor's Electrifying New Supplement Brand, 'Neon Sport'

Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) August 09, 2013 the Internets most-visited bodybuilding and fitness site and the largest online retailer of nutritional supplements and Cellucor , one of the nations leading nutritional supplement companies, have launched Neon Sport, a new brand of supplements from the makers of C4. Neon Sport is described as an electrifying brand inspired by extreme sports, dub-step music and high-end sneakers. It aims to deliver unforgettable sensory experiences through powerful and innovative products. We were thrilled to be chosen as one of only two retailers to carry this innovative new brand, said founder and CEO, Ryan DeLuca. Our customers love Cellucor, and they cant wait to try the Neon Sport lineup. Our team is so excited to deliver this line that focuses on a new customer experience, new product categories, and new ingredients that you havent seen in the Cellucor brand, said Cellucor VP Daniel Lourenco. Neon Sport is available for purchase at <br>Source:

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5 Great Workouts You Can Do While Watching TV

She says she used to invite traders to meet after the markets closed for a workout, telling them, You can be home before your kids go to bed. She quit her job at Bank of America ( BAC ) in June to start a cycling studio in Manhattans Flatiron district called Swerve Fitness, which caters to bankers by letting them form teams and compete on stationary bikes. Eric Posner, one of her partners and a former HSBC Holdings ( HBC ) salesman, says some of the more than $1million they raised to start the business came from traders they used to take to spin classes. While the music is too loud to discuss deals, theres a bond you can form with someone through fitness that you cant at a bar, Posner says. The boom in high-end fitness studios dates to at least 2006, when SoulCycle opened and found New Yorkers willing to pay top prices for a spinning class in a dance club atmosphere. The sessions go for $34 apiece; customers can pay about twice that to reserve popular times. Some bond salesmen, who requested anonymity because of company policies, say the old way of entertaining remains more effective. <br>Source:

Weekend-only workouts bring set of risks

But apparently that is not always the case. Georgia defensive lineman Garrison Smith revels how drastically the summer workouts have changed from his freshman year to his senior season. Smith also talks about who will be the next Adrian Peterson in the Bulldogs backfield. (Hint it is not who you expect.) <br>Source:

Can I afford it? If youre paying a lot, but you can afford it and youre seeing great results, its worth it. But if youre struggling to pay the bills and youre not working out often, try a new exercise strategy. Related: Get in Shape! Find the Best Workouts for You and Your Budget To cut back, get rid of any fixed costs, such as a monthly gym membership fee. <br>Source:

Mitchell likes to do pyramids: hold the squat for 10 seconds, then rest for a minute or so; hold for 20 seconds, then rest again. Keep lengthening the intervals until you get to 40 seconds, then take it back down (squat for 30 seconds, 20 seconds, 10 seconds). To work the shoulders at the same time, Mitchell says to extend your arms and lift them to shoulder height with each squat. An Ab Workout You'll Actually Finish (and Feel) The first rule, Mitchell says, is to stay off the floor--that position makes it too tempting to grab a few cushions and stretch out. Instead of crunches, she recommends oblique twists that you can do while standing. <br>Source:

Top 10 Trojans in summer workouts

It's far easier to keep up on your regular conditioning if you genuinely enjoy it and look forward to it. If you've been is Max Workouts any good? having trouble jogging to prepare for your weekend pursuits, why not substitute rigorous swing dancing? Swimming? Dog Frisbee? <br>Source:

Video: Tougher workouts at UGA?

A smart and heady performer, he also just might be in the best shape of his career, looking strong, fluid in his movement, and playing quick to the ball at each workout. 8. TE Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick (6-4, 255, So.) Originally making a name for himself in the spring after filling in for standout tight ends Xavier Grimble and Randall Telfer -- who both battled injuries -- Cope-Fitzpatrick certainly didnt let up this summer. The most consistent attendee at the tight end position for the throwing sessions, he caught everything thrown his way, showing off soft hands and providing the quarterbacks with a big target downfield. With only three scholarship tight ends on the current roster, you can be sure that Cope-Fitzpatrick will see the field this season in at least some capacity. The good news is that he appears up for the challenge. <br>Source:

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Short, hard workouts might be the trick

I see so much potential in the next football season, Dansby said. I think our team has a lot of experience, and we have an opportunity to be a special team and go really far. That motivates me to work harder every single day. Dansby isnt the only Chaparral on his top game this summer. He trusts that his teammates are putting in just as much effort as he is in gyms and fields of their choice. I know the quality of guys we have on our team, and I know that every single guy is working extremely hard to become a better player both physically and emotionally, Dansby said. I think everybody on the team improved every single game the whole season, which is something that I think is characteristic of Westlake football. Though Dansby enjoys the excitement of working towards a great season next year, the most meaningful part of working out today for a better season tomorrow is the drive and determination that he has learned through getting up early and going to the gym. Its made me persevere, Dansby said. <br>Source:

At Peublo Bonita Oceanfront Resort and Spa they call it "Boga," and it's offered three days a week as an all-inclusive activity. 2. STAND-UP PADDLE Cabo SUP , the first Stand-Up Paddle Board Club located in the heart of Medano Beach, Cabo, offers lessons, rentals and guided tours at Bahia Hotel & Beach Club . Medano Beach is Cabo's most swimmable beach, where the famous Land's End Arch marks the meeting of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez (Jacques-Yves Cousteau named it "Nature's Aquarium"). 3. BOOTCAMP For one of the best classes of your life, try the one-hour Boot Camp beach workout at Esperanza with the amazing Los Angeles Fitness professional, Modu Seye. This intense workout combines stretching, strengthening, muscle building and cardio for one fat-blasting good time. <br>Source:

The honorees are selected by Turnarounds and Workoutsa editorial staff based upon these investment banksa recent representations, and from nominations received from leading restructuring professionals nationwide. aAll of the firms included on this yearas Outstanding Investment Banking Firms list had notable engagements in the past year and I believe that the senior professionals at these investment banks will continue to be leaders in the restructuring world for years to come,a said Turnarounds & Workouts editor Nina Novak. For more than a quarter century, Turnarounds & Workouts newsletter, published by Beard Group, has recognized the achievements of top business professionals and attorneys in the bankruptcy, restructuring, and distressed investing industry. To read more about the achievements of this yearas Outstanding Investment Banking Firms, please visit For more information about Turnarounds & Workouts, please visit <br>Source:

If Oden is truly close to 100 percent and looking unbelievableas former Ohio State standout Deshaun Thomas described Odens state at the draft combine back in May, via Bob Finnan of the News-Herald then there is no doubt that he will increase his value via these workouts. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images The seven-foot, 285-pound big is still only click 25 years old and oozing the same upside that he showed coming off a national championship appearance with the Buckeyes just over six years ago. When not plagued by the knee problems that limited him to 82 total games during his five-year careerthe last of which came on Dec. 5, 2009Oden can be one of the leagues premier pivots. He holds career averages of 9.4 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.4 blocks but was only scraping the tip of the iceberg in terms of talent. <br>Source:

The Magnificent 7: Action movie star workouts

That's akin to yelling and not appreciated by the audience. Don't flag other users' comments just because you don't agree with their point of view. Please only flag comments that violate these guidelines. You should also know that The Sacramento Bee does not screen comments before they are posted. You are more likely to see inappropriate comments before our staff does, so we ask that you click the "Report Abuse" link to submit those comments for moderator review. You also may notify us via email at . <br>Source:

Greg Oden Wise to Host Workouts Prior to Making Free-Agency Decision

"Can you imagine if you did this on a routine basis?" To give this brief, intense training a try, first get clearance from a doctor. Then push hard during the next workout - be it running or cycling. What about Zumba? "Are you kidding me? Have you seen some of those Zumba classes lately?," she says of the shorter, high-cardio classes. Follow @WTOP and @WTOPliving on Twitter. <br>Source:

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