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Locals win Bodybuilding and Figure Competition

Three locals from Iron Body Fitness of Swainsboro attended and took home top place finishes. Competing in the figure division was Allayna Farrow of Midville. She was awarded first place in the Figure Short Division beating out several veteran competitors. She is married to Wade Farrow of Midville and they have one daughter, Sophie. Nick Perkins of Swainsboro competed in the Mens Open Heavyweight division and took the first place award. He is married to Ashley Perkins and they have two daughters, Sarah Jo and Maddie. <br>Source:

Bodybuilding Forum Freaks The Heck Out Over Random Dude's Love Life

By Tracy Miller / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 10:55 AM Comment Mike Huard (l.) and Felton Campbel, both in their 60s, show off their muscles at the Oregon Ironman bodybuilding competition. These are two grandpas you don't want to mess with. Felton Campbell, 61, and Mike Huard, 62, wowed crowds at the Oregon Ironman bodybuilding competition Saturday, showing off their toned physiques against men half their age. Campbell, 61, didn't start bodybuilding until his 50s. The two friends, both grandfathers, were max workouts.pdf the oldest of nearly 250 competitors at the event, and agreed age is no roadblock to getting in shape. Campbell, a personal trainer, started bodybuilding in his 50s. <br>Source:

Bodybuilding grandpas prove you’re never too old to show off your muscles

Consequently, the website completed a full overview about the effectiveness of this course. A full overview of Bodybuilding Revealed System on the site indicates that this course takes people step-by-step through the process of learning how to increase muscle mass fast after a workout. When ordering this course, people will get a direct access to the Bodybuilding Revealed Inner Circle membership site where they can share their experience and knowledge with other members, and get advice from a team of professional advisors. In addition, in this course, people will find out workout programs, pre made diet plans, wall charts, measurement charts, and more than 200 muscle building and fat loss recipes. Furthermore, people also can download a series of videos on everything from exercise performance to supplement advice. <br>Source:

Bodybuilding icon Joe Weider dies in Los Angeles at 93

"Joe Weider was a titan in the fitness industry and one of the kindest men I have ever met," Schwarzenegger said in a statement posted on his official website. "He leaves behind a fantastic legacy of a fitter world," the film star and former governor of California said. "Very few people can claim to have influenced as many lives as Joe did through his magazines, his supplements, his training equipment and his big-hearted personality." Born in a tough neighborhood of Montreal in 1920, Weider began lifting weights as a teenager to stand up to bullies and older boys before competing in his first bodybuilding contest at the age of 17, according to a biography provided by Parker. He started his first magazine, Your Physique, in the early 1940s and with his younger brother Ben rented Montreal's Monument National Theater to host the first Mr Canada contest during that same decade. The two brothers also founded the International Federation of Bodybuilders and in 1965 Weider created the Mr Olympia competition, the sport's premiere bodybuilding contest. Weider met Schwarzenegger at a bodybuilding contest in Europe and convinced him to move from his native Austria to the United States to seek wider recognition. "He saw a lot in Arnold," Parker said. <br>Source:

Female muscle: Figure competition - an alternative to bodybuilding?

Nominations are based on sales among the 9,900+ products carried by the site. In the past four years, MusclePharm has won 14 Awards, including 2012 Brand of the Year. "It's an honor to have MusclePharm products and the brand recognized again this year by," said Brad Pyatt, founder and CEO, MusclePharm. "As athletes, scientists and fitness enthusiasts, we're committed to delivering the best products to consumers and proud to receive this seal of approval from our customers and fans." "Being nominated for a Supplement Award is quite an accomplishment," explains CEO, Ryan DeLuca. "Nominees are the most popular brands and products on our site and the public chooses the final winners. <br>Source:

MusclePharm Scores 17 Supplement Awards Nominations

You simply must become comfortable with who you are and accept yourself, especially if you are a bodybuilder. The third fear, muscle and fat, two totally different creations which simply cannot convert into the other. This is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the workings of the body. Many women will say that they do not like the look of female bodybuilders, although, they may appreciate the fact that the bodybuilders are in great shape. Sadly, for female bodybuilding , it appears that it is slowly being phased out due a lack of support in this area of the sport, as compared to other areas. However, there are areas in the competition circuit that a fit female is more accepted than in the bodybuilding circuit, and it is known as "Figure". <br>Source:

Will Brink's 'Bodybuilding Revealed System' Offers Tips on Growing Muscle Mass

To be clear: I think that's all hogwash; I'm just repeating what some people believe when it comes to love. It's relevant when looking at this bodybuilding forum that cannot fathom how it's possible for a guy to have the sort of love life that his Facebook page suggests he has. Most of these judgements are based completely on the way the guy looks versus how attractive the girls he is involved with are, running with the assumption that a guy that looks this nerdy should never be able to get a girl. Here's the first and second post (both by the same person, OptimusPrim3 ) in the thread titled "MISC I am baffled, wot is this"and to be clear, these are quoting Facebook posts the guy has made public: There I was just minding my business looking at babes on FB that I have mutual friends with and this pic comes up S <br>Source:

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