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'zumba Fitness World Party' Preview: Total Globetrotting Workout

Russell Simmons, Co-Founder, Def Jam Records; Founder of Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons has long practiced Transcendental Meditation, speaking out about the benefits of the practice and sitting on the board of the advisors for the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace. "You don't have to believe in meditation for it to work," Simmons wrote in a Huffington Post blog. "You just have to take the time to do it. The old truth is still true shin ohtake max workouts today, 'God helps those who help themselves.' My advice? Meditate." 9. <br>Source:

Should fitness gadget makers fear the iPhone 5S?

While 'Fitness Core' was user friendly, 'Zumba Fitness World Party' is notably more approachable, putting the franchise's world music appeal at the forefront. Those of you who buy 'Zumba' video games out of reflex will be pleased to know that this latest installment will retain the series' core gameplay, progress tracker, and class mode. How 'Zumba Fitness World Party' differs is in presentation. It's comprehensive cast of famous instructors like Gina Grant have been filmed in crisp HD instead of depicting dancers as uncharismatic polygonal models. Better yet, they each perform their specific dances in the context of both authentic music and high definition backgrounds specific to each region. Taking a page from classic rhythm games like 'Bust-A-Move' and 'Parappa The Rapper', the backgrounds change based on how you perform. Do well and more background dancers appear and dreamlike effects populate the layered background. <br>Source:

International Fitness Trainer Modu Seye Raises 1 Million CFA for Vivre Ensemble

In addition, mice that exercise have better spatial learning and memory than sedentary mice. For the new study, researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign wondered whether there was a correlation between physical fitness and learning. So they recruited 48 kids who were 9 or 10 years old and asked them to learn the names of 10 fictional regions on a made-up map. Half of the children in the study ranked in the top 30% of fitness (as measured by a treadmill test) for kids their age and gender; the other half ranked in the bottom 30%. Other than that, the kids in both groups were basically the same in terms of socioeconomic status, ADHD symptoms and scores on an intelligence test. In both groups, about half were boys and half were girls. The children spent one day using iPads to learn the geography of the fictitious maps. <br>Source:,0,6326552.story

Physical fitness boosts brainpower in kids, study finds

Last week, Modu took his nine-year-old son Abdoul back to the place that he was born, M`Bour, Senegal. While visiting the area, Modu showed his son what it was like to grow up in Africa, and ended their trip with an extensive visit to a local orphanage. International fitness trainer Modu Seye recognizes the importance of giving back to those that are less fortunate. In Senegal, there are almost half a million orphans in the country, and all of which are under the age of 14. This is a large number of children that rely on local orphanages and support so that they can survive. These orphans typically have one parent that is living, but the families can`t afford to take care of the children. Modu decided to donate t an orphanage that was an hour and a half from where he grew up, located in the city of Dakar. <br>Source:

(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET) Tracking sleep, however, wasn't one of the skills Apple touted when it talked up the M7 coprocessor at its special fall press event. That doesn't necessarily mean an app couldn't be written that allows the iPhone 5S to function in this way. Of course you would have to strap the phone to your person before climbing into bed, something I don't see many people doing. I feel smaller wrist-style products are better suited to this purpose. Sleep monitor advantage: Dedicated wearable health tracker Heart rate Accelerometers aren't the only sensors personal fitness devices can pack. A few products such as the Withings Pulse and Basis Band are equipped with heart rate monitors. <br>Source:

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